The startup ecosystems in Israel and Germany are both mature and vibrant. More importantly, the German industrial landscape and the Israeli entrepreneurial spirit can lead to great synergies for mutual benefit between both countries.

Israel’s startup ecosystem is highly innovative and technology-savvy with record numbers in investments and exists, as well as an attractive location for diverse activities by multinational companies. This is the result of a variety of factors, including a concentration of necessary infrastructure and know-how fuelled by top-notch universities and the armed forces, a culture that embraces risk-taking, and effective policies.

Germany’s industrial landscape is one of the most competitive and successful in the world, being the largest European national economy and one of the biggest global exporters. The manufacturing- and services sectors are thriving, and German vehicles, machinery, chemical products, computer & electronic products, and electrical equipment are demanded globally.

Therefore, the GISEP promotes the structured exploitation of this potential for mutual benefit by supporting Israeli startups in accessing the German market and promoting Israeli innovation in Germany. For more detailed information on the benefits of an exchange between Germany and Israel, and opportunities in both countries, please click on the respective country below.