GISEP | Noam Kaiser
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Noam Kaiser

Venture Capital Business Development Manager for Israel, Spain and Portugal

Amazon Web Services

Noam has over a decade of experience with the VC and Startup ecosystem, specifically in the Internet, Mobile, Enterprise Software and Semiconductor spaces.


He worked as Principal for Gemini Israel Ventures, one of Israel’s most prominent VC funds, for 3 years and prior to that as Investment Manager for Naiot Venture Accelerator, the seed stage investment arm of the XT Investments (Formerly Ofer Hi-Tech).


As VC he was involved with the investments and business development efforts of some renowned Israeli startups, including: WalkMe, Implisit, Jfrog, 90Min, SAmanage,, Moovit, ColorChip, flok, Quali,Xjet, CmyCasa, Checkmarx and Concealium.


In between his two VC positions, having caught the entrepreneur bug, he founded his own startup, VentureApp, proprietor of VentureApp™, a cloud based Deal Flow and Due Diligence Management System.


Later on he joined BAlink, Salesforce’ leading technological partner in Israel as VP Sales and Business Development, before going back to the other side of the table, as VC.


Prior to all the above, he worked as the New Media Manager for Yes Satellite TV, taking video content online over the internet and mobile.


More Important than all the above, he is Liz’s husband, and Jonathan’s, Ram’s and Alona’s dad.