Head of Media, Internet& Startup Unit

The city of Cologne, Mayor’s Office

Roland Berger was born on April 3, 1952 in Oberndorf, Germany.

After studying educational science, psychology, sociology and empirical cultural studies, Berger took professional practice at the radio station “Süddeutscher Rundfunk”. Following, activities of further education, communication research, urban-development and promotion of economic development. He was the head of large-scale projects as well as the information center for the educational guidance of the City of Cologne. Additionally, he is the co-author of the urban development concept “Media City Cologne”, was part of the project management and also deputy head of the department “MediaPark Cologne Development Company”. Berger also was the personal assistant to the Chief City Manager of the City of Cologne. Moreover, he was a manager of the e-initiative NRW and Chairman of the foundation “Partner for education NRW”. He is an expert on Cologne’s startup eco-system as well as responsible for the development of the startup scene. For Cologne, he has developed and strengthened the cooperation between Tel Aviv and the Cologne-based Startup Ecosystem. In Tel Aviv, SOSA is an excellent partner for the innovation processes, particularly for companies in Cologne. In addition, he played a decisive role in the development and realization of the Digital Hub Cologne, the hub for the digitization of medium-sized companies in Cologne. He has also decisively shaped Insurlab Germany, the platform for the digitization of the German insurance industry.

Further important activities are: Project development of KOMED (communication and media-center at the MediaPark); initiator and board member of AIM which is a coordination center for apprenticeships in media based businesses and the association “New media for schools in Cologne”; Supervisory board member of “MediaPark Cologne Development Company”; He is also responsible for various publications about teleports, media competence, training, and further education, school and education development, new media and its use in school, cooperative school and economy and the development of the Startup Ecosystem..

Since the beginning of 2015, Berger is the Head of Media and Internet Business Unit of the City of Cologne.

Berger is married and has three children.