Senior Executive

AHK Israel


Charme Rykower is Senior Executive in AHK Israel, the Israeli German Chamber of Commerce since 2009. In that position she is supporting the bilateral trade by supporting Israeli companies with their market entry to Germany by providing access to network platforms, academia, corporates, SMEs and institutions. Her main focus is thereby the Israeli Startup ecosystem and therefore she has a network of VCs, startups and other players in the High Tech scene.  Since 2017, Charme Rykower is also the Innovation and Technology Scout on behalf of the State of North Rhine Westphalia as well as tech scouting for a portfolio of individual companies.

Charme was born in Munich in 1978 where she studied Political Science, Sociology and New History. After her studies and several interns in different television, producing and broadcasting companies, she became part of a German think tank. When she moved to Israel in 2004 she worked for an Israeli High Tech company in the broadcasting industry. She is mother of two and lives in Tel Aviv.