Consultant for Communication & Strategy

Melody was born in Munich in 1980, growing up as a European posterchild with Polish, Austrian, French, Rumanian roots. She emigrated to Israel in 1999, where she completed her B.A. s.c.l in Sociology and Anthropology, and an M.Sc. in Management, specializing in Organizational Behavior at Tel Aviv University.

In 2006 Melody wins ‘The Ambassador’, a challenging Israeli TV competition. The demands: perform in high-level international missions, testing diplomatic, political and rhetoric skills; media appearances, speeches and campaigns vis-à-vis statesmen, journalists, and professional publics around the world. A year of international goodwill missions follows, among others, appeals for peace in the Middle East at the United Nations and the European Parliament.

Upon her return to Israel, Melody acts as international relations advisor to the Peres Center for Peace, and later as independent communication and strategy consultant to a variety of political and private institutions in Israel and Germany. She regularly hosts high profile political and private events, initiates projects to promote German-Israeli Startup exchange, conducts seminars to CEOs and political leaders in media and communication performances and continues to engage in public diplomacy for Israel. Melody appears and publishes in German and Israeli media on Middle East Affairs and German-Israeli relations.

As of 2012, she completes a part-time Ph.D. at London’s King’s College War Studies Department. Melody is fluent in German, English, Hebrew, French, Italian.