Director of Strategic Relations & Business Development


Neta holds an MPP (Master of Public Policy) from the University of Oxford and a B.A (Hons) in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Following her experience as Head of Research and Strategic Partnerships at Tel Aviv Global, where she leads the municipal efforts to support and promote the Startup ecosystem in Tel Aviv, Neta is currently Director of Strategic Relations & Business Development at Venn.

Venn is an urban Startup, whose vision is to enable people around the world to create the neighborhood and community they want to live in. Venn provides neighborhoods with a smart operating system (WholebeingTM), that will enhance the way people interact with each other, consume day-to-day services and positively impact the neighborhood they live in. We believe that dynamic neighborhoods with involved, healthy and flourishing communities are the future of 21stcentury cities.

Neta is also passionate about promoting the development and implementation of technology towards addressing real-life problems and harnessing innovation for advancing the public good. She’s a believer in pluralism and multicultural tolerance and is involved with various social initiatives, which strive to enhance empathy-based communication among different communities.