Senior Investment Manager


Stephanie is a venture capital professional with over six years of corporate innovation, B2C investing, and media strategy experience. She has been running hub:raum Tel Aviv for the past two years wherein she has created a bridge between Israeli start-ups and Telekom’s business units and potential customers within the Deutsche Telekom network. She also sits on the board of hub:raum’s Tel Aviv portfolio company, CiValue. Prior to her time at hub:raum, Stephanie helped launch Krypton Venture Capital, a venture capital firm focused on seed stage B2C focused start-ups, where she served as the Chief Digital Officer of the fund. Previously she held senior positions at Matomy Media and Web3, where she directed the display marketing strategy.


Stephanie holds a BA from the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya and an MSc in War Studies from King’s College, London. Stephanie is driven by the unique innovation opportunities that exist in Israel and strongly believes that through joint investment and innovation efforts from corporate bodies, Israeli companies can find their voice and strategic leverage to help them to continue dominating the world stage.