Founder & CFO

Herzliya Accelerator Center (HAC)

Tair is the general manager of SigmaLabs accelerator and the founder of HAC- Herzliya Accelerator Center. Furthermore, she is a lecturer of Public Relations in the School of Communication at the IDC Herzliya.

As head and creator of accelerators, Tair works with early-stage Startups on their Biz-Dev challenges. Tair is writing the content of the program, engaging new mentors and experts, signing international agreements, networking around the clock, adding new perks, partnerships, and internship programs.

She also is an international speaker, representing the Israeli ecosystem with a vast knowledge of B2G, B2B and the accelerators field in Israel. She is invited to speak at intentional conferences, leading talks, workshops and mentoring sessions on matters such as the Israeli eco-system, how to create an accelerator, worldwide innovation trends, how to build a municipal/governmental innovation programs and more. Notable events are the Pioneers Festival in Vienna; Austria, Meet Taipei in Taipei; Taiwan, and GreenExchange in Leipzig; Germany.

Previously, as a PR manager, Tair led PR departments and represented clients from diverse disciplines. She acted as the Head Department of Public Relations and Strategic Consulting in the GiladAdin media firm. Before that, Tair served as a VP in a Public Relations and Strategic Consulting firm D&D+.

In addition, Tair is guiding international programs from Rhode Island, Austria, France, DC, China and more. She holds a BA in Communication & PR, and an MA in International Relations & Conflict Resolution, both are from The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.