Date: September 25, 2018

Location: Wuppertal

More than 50 guests attended the first Automotive Pitch in Wuppertal organized by Bergische Städtedreieck and Energie Agentur NRW supported by many companies from the region. The event took place at Riedel Communications, a world leader in developing communications equipment and so-called “hidden champ” from Wuppertal. Eight Startups got the chance to pitch their automotive products in front of about 30 company/German Mittelstand representatives. The three winners of the day, nyris, sonah and visometry presented their ideas in an impressive manner. GISEP successfully widened its network in North-Rhine Westfalia with business development agencies, Startups and companies from the region. All attendees showed great interest in the work of GISEP and cooperation will be discussed in follow-ups.