Exchange Germany

Despite its high innovation capacities, the Israeli ecosystem has one major disadvantage: the market is extremely small. Israeli founders who want to scale up and expand their business thus need to consider internationalization from the start. For that reason, the GISEP devotes a large part of its activities to helping Israeli startups with a soft landing in Germany. Studies have confirmed that Israeli firms investing in Germany mainly seek consumer and/or public procurement market access.

Furthermore, Germany is an attractive industrial site and a global economic player. Not only is Germany the economic motor of the European Union, but entering the German market allows Israeli founders easy access to the European Single Market which makes Germany the ideal gateway for further DACH or European expansion. Excellent infrastructure, a good educational system producing many skilled workers, and a state characterized by the rule of law are further factors making Germany attractive for trade and investments.

But besides Germany’s well-known corporates (e.g. VW, Daimler, E.ON SE, Metro AG), the German “Mittelstand” with its Hidden Champions also provides huge potentials for Israelis. It is comprised of small- and medium-sized enterprises, two-thirds of which are market leaders in their industries, and is described as the backbone of Germany’s economic well-being. Israeli startups can profit from German SME’s through development partnerships, supplier relationships, sales partnerships, and conventional customer relationships.

In this context, the GISEP assists those Israeli Startups who already have concrete plans to establish a presence in Germany, be it in the form of a sales office, a subsidiary, or a branch. This is done by providing helpful contacts and information, as well as a Go-To-Market-Guide which addresses the most important topics in navigating the hurdles and challenges of entering the German market. Other GISEP resources are its skilled and devoted network of ambassadors, whose expertise covers different sectors and issues, and the provision of networking- and capacity-building opportunities through events.

The GISEP offers an overview of the local economic landscape, networks, and contact persons in the 16 federal states of Germany. For more information on the respective states, please click on one of the following links.