Go-To-Market-Guide for Germany

The GISEP developed a Go-To-Market-Guide that lays out the main steps and challenges to open up a subsidiary office in Germany. The guide will provide transparent and English-speaking information that helps both founders and investors to understand the German startup ecosystem and to navigate the bureaucracy. With the help of the guide, founders can focus on scaling their business, employing staff, and making a home in Germany instead of worrying about bureaucratic hurdles.

You can download the full Guide by clicking on the picture below, or you can read and download each chapter separately (see below).

Complete Version

To get the full version of the Go-To-Market-Guide, please click on the picture below.

Individual Chapters

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1. Planning Your Expansion

2. Understanding Germany

3. Getting Started

4. Access To Funding

5. Growing Your Business

6. Tax System

7. Personal Legal Framework

8. Germany At Glance